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Smart Solar Solution


The main difference between the hybrid solar system and others is that it has both battery backup and connection to the grid. This system is high on dependability since there is a constant electricity supply to the home. The ability to store the solar electricity in batteries for use at any time, without the need to draw on the electricity generated by the grid greatly reduces electricity costs for the home.

Three easy steps explain how this system works:

Step-1: It works as both the off-grid and on-grid systems – during the day when the sun is shining brightly, the panels convert the rays to electricity and any excess will be stored in the batteries, much like the off-grid systems. However, if even after storing in batteries and using electricity in your home, there is still excess power, the system then sends this excess back to the grid according to the rate of the chosen feed in tariff, similar to the on-grid system.



Step-2: Since the batteries are continually charged during the day, they are able to store enough energy. During times of outages and little or no sunshine, the home can draw its power from these batteries. If however, these adverse situations last for too long, the batteries can be recharged from the grid and your home will only use as much power from the grid as is required to recharge the batteries.


Step-3: Till the batteries are recharged or the grid begins to function as usual, your home will still have an uninterrupted power supply since it will draw power from the grid. This keeps the cost of power down.

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Works like a grid-tied system but with battery back-up. Suitable for those who consume less electricity in daytime and more in night time.

-Excess electricity in the morning stored into the   battery and can be used during night   time and   brownout.
-Can sell excess electricity to utility.
-Can be used during brownout.
-Can be used as Grid-Tied or Off-Grid
-High inverter cost
-Need to maintain / replace battery if needed
-Need some modification to the existing electrical   wires to use the emergency back-up
-Limited inverter capacity